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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Coeficientes erroneos

My community is applying coefficients of participation which do not correspond with the reality in the title or with the registered in the land registry, which makes that some owners have to pay more than the actual quotas while others are paying less than what is really assigned How can we now fix this imbalance?

 Julián R.

Administrator:  Juan López

In this case, what must be applied is what expressly is designated in the constitution title, statutes and registered in the registry in terms of distribution of coefficients between all co-owners, therefore if due to  a mistake, it is applied differently to what is established, you must address it to the President (I recommend to do it through burofax) as soon as possible so the president proceeds to adjust the corresponding quotas, warning that not to do so you will take legal actions in claim for the restitution of their quota, as well as damages caused by poor management and inefficient application.

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