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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: ¿ Cómo computa el voto de los ausentes en una Junta de Propietarios?


Good morning. Could you please explain how is recorded the votes of owners not attending? Thank you.

Raquel B.

Administrator:  Juan López

To do this we must go to provisions of article 17 of the law of Horizontal property, which regulates the adoption of agreements on board, and in particular in its article 8 talks about the absent votes: “The owners not attending will be positive votes, properly listed, if when they had been notifed about the agreement they did not manifest their vote against, according to art.9, within 30 dyas by evident communication to the secretary of the meeting.


This means that the votes of those owners who have not attended the Board will be added to the majority of the present position, either positive or negative. If within the period of 30 calendar days do not manifest their opposition will be firm with the agreement taken in his absence.


But not in all cases used in this way, because there are situations in which is necessary to vote in favour or against, cases such as the installation of common energy supplies, not required improvements to good conservation of the property, telecommunication installations…


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