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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Si comparto gastos, tengo derecho a los servicios?

Good morning. I am owner of a garage closed in a community of parking spaces in which all residents pay participation fee. Every so often, in these parking lots there are improvements carried out such as cleaning, painting, asphalting of soil… I wonder if my garage must be included or not due to being a closed space.


Gonzalo R.

Administrator:  Juan López


If, as you say, the square contributes to costs obviously you are entitled to enjoy the services that are covered with its share, as you cannot be charged for services that you are not allowed to enjoy. The services are offered, or disclaims its payment.


The horizontal property law establishes that owners must contribute according to their participation fee to the common expenses for the support of the community, common costs meaning those who are not separable. If It is differencing between you and the rest, it is identifying the service in question and, consequently, the same should happen concerning the fee.

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