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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Conflictos con vecinos malos olores por basura

Hello. My neighbors below have an inner courtyard where are lately making trash bags for several days, what makes smell go up to the floors above. I have already told them that that is not the place to leave garbage bags, but they ignore my complaints, what should I do?

Julian M.

Administrator:  Juan López

If you have already tried amicably asking them to stop such use to the interior patio, what should do now is to inform the Chairman of this, he is who should send a burofax through the formal requirement that stop that annoying activity for the community in a given time, warning them that legal measures will be taken not to do so. Also ask you to include in the next Board this item on the agenda so that it is reflected in the minutes, authorised by the Communards to exercise the corresponding action in the case that these neighbors do not anything about.

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