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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Constituir la Comunidad de propietarios

I live in an old building of 6 houses and we are wanting to constitute the community of owners formally, what should we do?

Laura S.

Administrator:  Juan López

Broadly speaking, the steps are as follows:

– To hold  the Board of owners where it is agreed by majority the Constitution of the community and where the representative bodies are elected.

– To fill out the book of records in the registry of property of the location where the estate for which constitutes you community.

– Obtaining of the CIF of homeowners in the Inland Revenue, so you’ll have to submit the book of records filled out with the minutes of the Constitution.

– You’ll also have to open a bank account in the community where payment of fees and other income and expenses. The holder will be the community and would be advisable appearing as authorized at least the President and Vice President to make the necessary arrangements

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