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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: contratación de personal

In my community, the receptionist retired one year ago, and no one that covers this employ that for me is something that we all need in the community. The case is coming this Porter service contemplated in the bylaws, but however, the President does not want to hire anyone because it says that thus costs are reduced, is this correct?

Juan Antonio G.

Administrator:  Juan López

No, this action by the President is not correct, because if such a service is guaranteed and established by its by-laws must be complied with, and in any case, this service would be abolished if so it been agreed on board by 3/5 of votes and coefficients, I understand that at any time has been done. What shall communicate to its President the need to convene an extraordinary Board including this point in the agenda, to decide on the recruitment of the new goalkeeper, or where appropriate, approve with majorities indicated the Suppression of this service.

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