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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Convertir en buhardilla privativa un falso techo de la comunidad

Hiya.  One of our neighboours intends to build a room between the roof of the community and the ceiling of his apartment which is a topfloor.  But that área belongs to the community, isn´t it?  Is that work right?

Rubén C.

Administrator:  Juan López

Furthers to your enquiry, the work to adapt that space into a room thatcould be used, is altering the descritpion of the building common áreas changing that into a private space.  That space is part of the community (art 396 Civil Code)  The work would alter the description and the use of the parts of the building.  The neighbour shall need the unanimous agreement of teh community made in a General Meeting, which seems difficult to obtein.

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