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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Cuenta de comunidad sin autorizados

Good afternoon. I live in a community where we have just changed of President and Secretary. Up to today negotiations do not have been dealt in the Bank to authorize new charges to manage current accounts. I’d like to know if this is legal and if there is any deadline to make this management, as it has been reported on various occasions to the outgoing President and the answer is that “it is not made because the new President has not been able to appear in person at the Bank”. Does he necessarily have to go to the Bank to make this management the new President and the new Secretary?

Maria Lourdes V.

Administrator:  Juan López

In that case, to authorize new charges and de-authorize the old, the Bank usually asks that all of them go to the baank and take the corresponding minutes of the nomination with new appointments. If old charges can not or do not want to arise, Bank does not usually refuse to do change, would be reasons you topic. However, it is mandatory that the new charges are attending.


As to the term, there is a legal requirement. Usually you will do so at the earliest possible opportunity for pure practicity.

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