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Professional Advice

Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Acuerdos no incluidos e el orden del día

A few weeks ago and suspecting bad management and organization of the community,  I reviewed several records where I could check  several agreements that were adopted and approved of extemporaneous form without that were in the order of the day, something that I very much doubt that it is in accordance with the law. Is this legal?, if not correct, can challenge them?

Andres T.

Administrator; Juan López

Based on what you manifest, the agreements on matters that do not appear on the agenda on the issues to be treated will not be valid, and that pursuant to article 16.2 of the Horizontal property law. Therefore the nullity can only be on the adopted agreement not included in the agenda, being the rest of agreements which had been able to be valid. Now, take into account that the expiration time to challenge it is a year for having been adopted against the provisions of the law.

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