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Professional Advice

Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: ¿Debo yo pagar parte de los gastos de reclamación de deuda a terceros?

Good afternoon. Currently I own a place in a garage of a building where the community is claiming me some lawyer and attorneys’ fees by the claim that was carried out to other homes and that has nothing to do with my property. May I refuse to deal with these expenses?

José Antonio B.

Administrator:  Juan López

According to your explanations, if it’s a few common expenses of the community, which in this case are the costs generated by such professional fees, and provided that they are perfectly justified, the obligation to contribute to it is common to all the owners, although what is paying does not represent a benefit direct to you, as article 9(1) e) of the law of Horizontal property establishes that the different real estate elements comprising a building are obliged to contribute to the common expenses in its coefficient function, so to refuse  the payment is not an option.

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