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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Delegación de voto

My mother owns a dwelling in a building of Murcia where the corresponding Board of proprietors has been announced, however my mother is very old and she is not able to attend, how do I represent her and vote topics which are in te agenda to deliberate?

Luis G.

Administrator:  Juan López

Article 15(1) of the Horizontal property law establishes: “assistance to the Board of owners will be personal or by representation (legal or proxy), being enough to prove this a writing document signed by the owner”. Therefore, the delegation of vote always has to be in writing and will never be valid orally.


A letter, which briefly expose her mother gives you full power of decision, so you vote on her behalf.  The proxy shall be given to the Board, identifying the name, ID and address, should be both of you as representative or authorized and your mother as owner, indicating the date of the meeting for which representation and both firms takes place. Thus, you won’t have any problems to come and decide on your mother´s behalf.


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