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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Demasiadas mascotas y malos olores

Good afternoon.  In my block, one of the neighbours got several pets.  He is accumulating rubbish what is casuing bad smell to the colindant houses.  He was notified but because he is ignoring our claims we will take legal actions.  I would like to know which posibilities we got i fthe lawsuit goes ahead.  I think that the neighbour is behaving in that way due illness and he will continue despite a sentence.

Raquel J.

Administrator:  Juan López

Good afternoon. Article 7.2 of the Horizontal Propiertors Law explains which is the procedure for disrubting behaviour.   If as you say, the neighbour has been reliably notified and you got the agreement o fthe community to take legal actions, providing that there are evidences of the health and smells issue caused by the pets, the result of the sentence could be the prohibition of using th eapartmet for a while because of the abusive use of the property and the refusal to meet the rules of neighbourhood of the building.

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