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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Deuda del antiguo propietario

Good morning. Two months ago I purchased a home that now, community, claim me payment for works in the common elements of the building were performed before the purchase, but I have refused to pay such expenses. Do I have to pay this?

Joe K.

Administrator:  Juan López

What has happened here, as what exposes us, is that the previous owner did not communicate the existence of this expenditure which would have been a burden on the sale, and there may therefore be a Vice for which the seller is responsible. However, you do pay this expenditure, as the community is entitled to claim the proportional payment of those expenses to who is the current owner at the time of completion of the work and payment of the price of the same what advise you to meet this expenditure and at the same time claim the previous owner such claims.

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