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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: DEUDA INCORRECTA

Good morning. Recently I have received a request from  the Court claiming the last fees that I have not paid to the community. However, I think that the amounts do not correspond to the reality and that while yes I have to pay  the last three, the date of January 2015 settlement agreement is not correct and the amount claimed is greater than the actual, would I then oppose for this reason?

 Dolores D.

Administrator:  Juan López

According to your explanation and according to article 18 of the law of Horizontal property, the agreement of settlement to which refers is firm and irrefutable, as understanding that the agreement of settlement and act the same collecting was notified, unless you made use of the possibility of challenging within three months of such agreement due not being right, later is no possible to attack regarding the liquidity and the existence of the debt, since the timeline for actions expired, and may in any case be argued with possibility of success to see exempted from the obligation of payment made as compensation, or if you had made the payment, even if partial, prescription or pluspeticion for example.

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