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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: GASTOS COMPARTIDOS DE USOS NO COMUNES

Good morning. I live in a community of owners, which is part of an Association of owners that has a swimming pool in common. A neighborhood Council voted to replace doors of the buildings located on the groundfloors and that they have access to the pool  when they are deteriorate, all with charge to the community responsible for the pool. My question is if they can force members of my community to share this cost, when my community has no groundfloors and we understand that the position of these repairs should be assumed by each communities that do have ground floors.


Laura G.


Administrator:  Juan L.

One would have to check if those doors are impaired by the use by neighbors who do not belong to the community. If it isn’t, the agreement has been made with abuse of power and for the benefit of some, since due to the fact that those who have those doors are mayority (I doubt that he has taken with the support of those who have no doors). On the other hand, you should consult the constitutive title / statutes. If there is not recorded that the maintenance of the doors to the pool is in charge of the pool community, change it needs unanimously agrrement, since they are altering the distribution of expenditure established.

All of this on the assumption that the doors in question do not belong to the common areas of the Commonwealth, but clearly form part of one of the independent communities

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