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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Gastos comunitarios por servicio que no disfruto

Good afternoon.  I am owner of a basement in a block with different types of properties: garajes, basements, apartments.  The community has recently notified that an extra bill will be charged to afford the repair of the pumb of hot water.  I do not have that uitlity in my basement.  Am I obliged to pay?

Zaira G.

Administrador:  Juan López

Good afternoon.  Evry nwughbour is obliged to paya ll teh expenditures caused by the common elements.  Unless that your title deed or estatutes specify a different thing.

Since this is a water pumb, all owenrs not exonerated by the estatutes shall pay.  If you are not in the second situation, you shall also pay.

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