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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Se están abriendo un montón de grietas

Good morning. Since the year 2009 I have watched that, with the passage of time, the portal of my house a lot of important thickness cracks are breaking. All this have put knowledge of the administrator and the President and they tell us that they are doing everything but that the construction of the building, like many other companies today, is in bankruptcy, and they’re getting them plenty of obstacles. My question, to see that time passes and the problem continues to grow, we know what pending formal could do to resolve the situation.

Espen W.

Administrator:  Juan López

Good morning. It is normal that the construction company had hired in his day decennial insurance (this is compulsory insurance that must hire developers or construction companies to insure any damage or ruins caused in homes that have been built over 10 years) which is required to cover such damage being a structural damage and failure 10 years after construction.


Therefore, first thing you should do is to claim insurance and, in the event that this does not meet, must bring legal action both against insurance as to the developer and construction company. We recommend that do not act at your own risk, but all put in knowledge of the community, a meeting be convened and decide the measures to take by common agreement.  Another different thing is that your community has already requested an expert report confirming that they are cracks due settlement and therefore, it´s a matter of maintenance.  In that case, the ten-year insurance will not cover, but yes it is the obligation of the community

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