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Ask to the Administrator: Her son refuses to pay the debt

Hello. After a long illness, one of our neighbours passed away not being able to pay the community fees. Due to the circumstances, the community hasn´t made pressure on her in order to recover the debt. Now, there is a list of unpaid bills and the son refuses to pay them. How shall we proceed?

Gabriela P.

Administrator: Juan López

Notice, that after the decease, the inheritors are obliged to sort the debts unless that they refuse to accept the premises. So, providing that the son is the unique inheritor and he accepted the ownership, he must pay, and either he likes it or not. I recommend you to get advice from a solicitor, who can find out which is the wording of the will and if there are other inheritors. Anyway, the sentence will be favourable for the community since the property is the guarantee of the debt. Definitely, it is worthy to initiate any procedure for the recovery

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