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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: horario de la calefacción central

Good afternoon. There is an issue in my community causing controversies.  For a while, the timming for the heating is scheduled by the president who is an elder man, is who turn on the heating on times that the others don´t need it really.  However, when it is cool, as he isnot in the building, the heating is off.  We spoke about this with the maintenance man but he does according with the president.  What can be done?  

Aurora B.

Administrator:  Juan López

It is clear that this is an issue that will never get a solution satisfactory for all the neighbours, as in a community, different people live in the same urbanization, diferent  ages with conditions and disparate needs, what means that we all shall be tolerant with each other for the common welfare. Now, a proper solution could be the objective opinion of an expert worker in the maintenance of the system of the building company, who produce recomemndations about when the supply is covered more effectively. I recommend that a meeting is convened for the purpose, where this specialist can give his opinion and on that basis, with a more realistic view, the decision is more effective for all owners

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