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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: modificaciones estéticas cerramientos con cristalera

A neighbour in apartment community has enclosed half his balcony using glass curtains.

Is this allowed under article 7 of the horizontal law and should I ask it to be removed at the next Agm

Alan R.

Administrator:  Juan López

Good morning

Certainly, this type of work has to be previously authorized by the community providing it is an alteration of the Building structure.  There are two options (both suitable together)

–              As you said, you need to arise for the next AGM to add this issue in the agenda to have the works removed or to authorize that work.  Before taking the issue to the meeting, the President or the Administrator needs to notify the owner with certificate, explaining that what he built is illegal and encouraging him to remove it and give to the fachade its original look back.

–              On the other hand, enclosures of open terrazes mean extention of suitabilty of building, which is probably not in accompliance with the local urbanistic laws.  Therefore, you can also submitt a complaint in the Town Hall so their inspectors record the relevant denounce due infraction and initiate the legal procedure

All above providing that the community has not authorized those works in the past.  In that case, step one is not valid.



Kin regards

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