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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: modificaciones estéticas en interior vivienda

I want to change the current distribution of my house, but I do not know if the community will be reluctant, do I need the Board approval to carry out these works? Thank you.

Julia V.

Administrator:  Juan López

I understand that in this reform you will only change the interior of your home layout so the approval or permission from the community is not required, as established in article 7.1 of the Horizontal property law, providing  that it does not exceed the limits laid down therein: “the owner of each apartment or premises may modify the architectural elements “, facilities or services of that one when not impairing or alter the safety of the building, its overall structure, its configuration or State foreign, or prejudice the rights of other owners, and must give account of such works previously who represent the community”. So according to this article, that must be done is to communicate to your community, through the President, the works to be performed, simply as a matter of good relations between neighbors, avoiding that any of them is disturbed by the noise of the works if they are not notified previously

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