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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: modificaciones en mi vivienda

Hello.  Due to family matters, we are planing to do some works in our house to have a second bathroom.  I know that othe neighbours have already done it in their houses, but I am not sure if I need a permit as it may affect to the piping and drainages.  How shall I proceed?  

Pablo M.

Administrator:  Juan López

The answer to your question is in the Horizontal Propiertors Lawart. 7.1, the owenrs can alter the installations, architecture and configuration of the property if the work is not affecting and damaging the safety of the building or estructure.  The rights of the other owners shall be respected.  Previously to the works, the owner shall inform to the representative of the community.

So you are free to do what you want in the inside of your property always that you respect a mínimum of conditions not affecting to the right of the neighbours or the safety of the building and estructure.  The best thing is to start by hiring a profesional Project including how the works will affect to the community.  This document shall be submitted in the community.  This report is not  an obligation but a recomendation.


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