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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: morosos en comunidad no constituida

Good morning.  The community where I live is not formally constituted.  Recently, the owners have been informed verbally that the roof needs some repairs due to filtrations causing flooding in two apartments.  Some of the neighbours said they are not paying for that and that they are not obliged.  Is that right?

Aurora M.

Administrator:  Juan López

The neighbours refusing to pay are wrong.  The community is ruled by the Horizontal Propiertors Law although it is not constituted.  According to that law, the owners of the same community are obliged to share the maintenance costs needed for safe and inhability (usually with the criteria of  the coefficients, in some cases, in equal proportions)  So, non payment is not an option.  And if they do not pay, the neighbours can take legal actions.

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