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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Sería necesaria previamente a hacer cualquier pago de la derrama la celebración de una Junta

Good morning, I am owner of a shop in a building. The community wants to make arrangements on the roof and so a budget passed to neighbors to make contributions according to percentage of participation. I have no doubt of the need of the work, but the amount quoted and I wonder if it would be necessary a meeting where they discuss this topic before start withthe billing or if the community can just charge the owners direct. Thank you.

José Mª P.

Administrator:  Juan López

Effectively as you sensed, for the payment of any expenses of the community must be previously approved by the majorities required in the corresponding meeting, because as you out there is no constancy in writing the budget to invest, and how to cover the expenditure. Go to your President and let you know that it is necessary to convene the meeting with this agenda, because otherwise it would not have you or any other neighboring obligation to pay nothing to have not followed the legal procedure to do this.

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