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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Yo me niego rotundamente a quitar el tendedero

Good morning. Currently live on the second floor of a House that has no terrace and the only way to build is put a clothesline in a courtyard. The problem is that I put the Clothesline without consent of the neighbor below. Later the Manager called me and told me that the neighbor is going to put roof and to remove the drying rack because it gives a bad image. At this point, the status of the farm allows that they may put clotheslines, providing the clothes not dripping and do not cover windows. I flatly refuse to remove the drying rack, since I have no laundry or terrace for tender, can I have any negative consequence?

Alicia H.

Administrator:  Juan López

Good morning. The space of your home reaches the height in which the floor of your floor is located. If your clothesline and, therefore, what it crashes in it does not exceed that line, I can not say that you invades your space. On the other hand, would have to see who really is the terrace. The most normal thing is it is a communal terrace, private use and therefore his neighbor won’t be able to put a roof without the consent of the rest of the inhabitants.


My advice is that you leave the Clothesline where is. If you does not invade other areas and the statutes allow the placement of them, I not worry about me more than necessary

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