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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: ¿Debo pagar los gastos comunes si no disfruto de las zonas comunes?

Good afternoon.  I got an apartment in a community with 8 houses.  6 of them share a patio and a common area with access to an individual garaje.  I got my own garaje and patio.  My title deed sais that my coefficient is 9.22% and that the community fees are for utilities service  installations till my house.  The administrator is claiming me for a debt that I do not recognize.  Is that legal? Shall I pay for the maintenance of common áreas that I do not use?

Aranzazu G.

Administrator:  Juan López

Good afternoon. The community is not only the common áreas.  You got a participation of 9.22% You are obliged to participate otherwise the community can take legal actions.  The obligation is not depending on how often you use the common áreas, but from th emoment that you are the owner of the porperty.  . Debo informarle que la comunidad no la forman sólo las zonas comunes y, como usted mismo

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