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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: No nos convocan para asamblea ordinaria

Must the owners hold a General Meeting every year?  In my community, we had an AGM every year by January.  We have not received a notification yet for this year.  Can the owners organize it when the President has not done anything?

Hernes G.

Administrador:  Juan López

It is in the art. 16 of the Horizontal Propiertors Law thatthe community will have at least one meeting every 12 months.  This is the periode for the renewal of the president.  This role is not renewed authomatically.


It is the President who must organize the meeting.  If not, a 25% of quotes can do it.  I recommend you to do it so the community can attend important issues than due to expiring times, it could cause problems.

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