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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: el nuevo propietario quiere abrir una tienda de ropa en la vivienda

The neighbour of the property bellow has just sent the apartment.  The new owner intends to open a cloths shop in the house.  He wants to open a second door in the fachade so the cklients got direct Access from the Street and they donot need to use the hall of the buildng.  Is this right?

Mike H.

Administrator: Juan López

Good morning.  If the estatutes say that the premises can be used exclusively as hosuing, the apartment cannot be used as a shoip.  The owner needs the unanimous approval of the others owners in the building.  He neeeds the same approval to open the new gate, becaue the facahde is a common element as it is stated in the Horizontal Propiertors Law art 9.1 e)

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