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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: ¿ Qué obligaciones contributivas tienen los propietarios de plaza de garaje frente a la comunidad

 Good afternoon. I would like to ask what fee obligations have the garages with the community of owners, although these owners of the garages do not have housing in the building

Rafael Ignacio B.

Administrator:  Juan López

You should consult the documentation of the Community (establishing title and/or statutes). There will be exactly in expenses and in what proportion they should participate. In generic way, should contribute to general maintenance costs of everything that is common to the whole building (pillars, foundations, slabs, roof, facade, electrical installation – if it is not independent-, etc., etc.). If, for example, to the garage is he agreed directly from outside, without using the portal or the elevator, it would be possible to be exempt from contributing to some “staircase” expenses (cleaning of staircase, and the portal maintenance elevator, etc.). But to know for sure you should consult the designated documents.

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