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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Piscina invadida

Hiya. In my community we have a small swimming pool with garden, which are springing up many problems between neighbors, as space is limited, and we find that more and more owners invite more people, hampering its use and enjoyment to the rest of neighbors who we are owners. May be approved a measure to not allow the use to visitors?

José Ramón J.

Administrator:  Juan López

First thing you can do is to review and consult the statutes of the community, in case that it is a limit of visitors than each owner can bring, or any measure in this regard.  If so, you can tell the President to take action accordingly.

If not, you can sugegsts to the president to take theissue to a meeting in orther to agree by allowners a measure to stop this problem.

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