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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Plaga en la comunidad

In my house and other neighbours of the building there is a plague of cockroaches, which seems to be, according to specialists, has its origin in the piping community. However the community refuses to pay the cost of fumigation because most neighbors, despite the plague, are opposed to the fumigation and to which the community is to spend one euro more. can do something about it?

Guillermina R

Administrator: Juan López

Reading your explanations, it’s an issue of health and hygiene of the building, bearing record that comes from a common element, is the community which should cover the cost of fumigation. If the community is reluctant, go to the courts because we cannot forget that it is in breach of the obligation of maintenance and hygiene that the community has. Previously, please contact your administrator to explain the situation and send a positive requirement to the President, again explaining the situation and the steps to be followed in courts remain in this passivity.

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