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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: ¿Podemos repartirnos la indemnización que recibirá mi comunidad?

Good afternoon.  On last month, in an Extraordinary meeting, the community approved an extraordinary levy for the ristpration of the facades.  The existing balance was used to pay the proportion corresponding to what the debtors had to pay for that.  On the other hand, the community is expecting  a refund because a demand that we submitted.  I would like to know if this refund could be paid back to the owners who have alerady paid the levy.

Korina H.

Administrator:  Juan López

The community can choose how to use that money.  You only need the agreement in a general meeting.


However, notice that if the community decides to share the refund out among allowners, debtors cannot be excluded.  A different issue is that the community initiate legal actions against debtors.

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