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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Potestad del presidente para hacer contratos

I am President in my community in Valencia.  We experienced some bulglaries on last summer, when most of the owners leave for holidays.   I would like to appoint the services of a security for the summer.  Do I need to take it to the Owners Meeting or am I entitled to sign that contract discussing it with the administrator only ? 

Laura G.

Administrador:  Juan López

I recomend you to call for a owners meeting to discuss the security in the block.  It is in the art 10.1 a) that the deals and works to attend the essential requirements of security correponds to the owners not only the president or administrator.  The contract would mean an increase in the community Budget that will be paid by all owners.  Also, you should considero ter options apart of the surveyance, such as the instalation of cameras, security rails, etc.  You need different majorities of the community to approve this depending on the measure adopted.

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