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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Propietario de local perfora fachada comunitaria

Good afternoon. I live in a community of owners whose statutes statethat businesses can modify the facade of their individual site and install air conditioning in the facade. At this point, a bar has drilled fireplace community introducing tubes, lifting them over 2 meters, has placed an extractor that is noisy and emits various smells and changing completely the previous image of the community. The owner of the aforementioned bar tells us that he is entitled, because you he can modify the chimeney to adjust the rules of the City Council. Can this be done without notice and authorization of the community of neighbors?

Denise H. 

Adminsitrator:  Juan López

Good afternoon. What the owner says is not true, it is needed the community permission to modify any common element of the building, such as the façade or the fireplace in this case, and the community has to agree before any modification is done.


On this basis, my advice is the President of his community to send a burofax urging local owner to remove the works, giving it a run for it and warning him that, otherwise, the community will take legal action in defence of their interests.

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