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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: publicar en el tablón de anuncios de la comunidad los números de cuenta corriente de cada vecino

 Good morning. I wanted to know if the Presidents and Secretaries of the neighboring communities can publish on the Notice Board (or other location) of the community each neighbor current account numbers so that, if necessary, they amend them.

Pedro I.

Administrator:  Juan López 

It is not necessary or essential (also contrary to the law by the organic law of data protection) put the numbers of current account of each neighbor, if need be, modify them. It is not good that this is done, the community can enter any outsider to it (the postman, people sharing advertising or any other person or family of a neighbor in the community). So we advise not to do so. Since the President and the Manager are aware of everything and already have the data of each owner of the community.

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