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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: puede hacer esto sin tener ninguna autorización de la Comunidad?

Good morning. In my community we have a neighbor who has no garage but park his motorbike and bike in free space in the parking lot not disturbiung the passage of any vehicle. But in spite of this, it is generating major problems between neighbors. I think that although it is not a place that will be his property or enabled to park a motorcycle and a bicycle, not causing traffic issues to anyone, but can he do this without any authorization from the community?

Jan K.

Administrator:  Juan López

Is clear that the behavour of this owner who has no a parking place on property, watchful against the respect from the rest of the owners and the appropriate conservation and maintenance of the common elements. Therefore, you should use the action of cessation contained in article 7.2 of the law of Horizontal property, being the Chairman or in his case, the administrator, who direct a requirement by burofax this neighbor to cease in his performance that is being repeated, so in the event of return to Park occupying this common element , the community, after agreeing on board, approved by a simple majority the exercise of legal actions against this neighbor.

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