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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Si no puedo hacer uso de la piscina, ¿tengo alguna obligación de pago?

Good afternoon. I am owner of a parking place and once when I bought it the manager told me that I could not make use of the common areas of the building as the playground, landscaped garden, swimming pool… However, an income has recently been approved to do some works in the pool and I am included as if had obligation to pay. If I cannot make use of the pool, do I have any obligation to pay?

Victoria F.

Administrator:  Juan López

By exposing, it seems normal that the fact of acquiring a parking place not of right to use gardens, swimming pool and other common area being that right to property owners. But it should be in horizontal division writing and/or statutes. In the same way, should also include how costs are shared.

Still advance you that in communities where there are independent housing parking places the most common is separate them into two sub-communities, under a Commonwealth. There will be expenses that are charged to the Commonwealth (general expenses of the building that not can be attributed to a sub-community, as those who can generate the facade, housing, administration, insurance, etc.) and that can wean Iran carried out by every sub-community.

Why dicha such spill, if it is an expense that comes exclusively generated by the pool (which you does not participate in their maintenance or common charges), it has no sense that has to pay for its repair.

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