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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Puntos a tratar en la asamblea

Good afternoon. In the month of June, I sent one letter to the President and to the administrator of my community in which  I requested to include a point in the agenda. The answer from both was that it should be handled in General Meeting. As well, in the same month and a few days after I proposed, emerged the possibility of making a sports event on the community and both convened an extraordinary meeting with this single point. Have they the power to decide which items are included in extraordinary meetings or should they have also included mine?.

Jaime H.

Administrator:  Juan López

Any owner has the right to request that a particular matter is included in the agenda of a meeting, as established in article 16.2 of the LPH “any owner may request that the Board of owners consider and speak on any topic of interest to the community; for this purpose it will be written, specifying clearly the ítems to be included by the President, which will include them in the agenda of the next meeting to be held.”

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