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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Reparaciones urgentes

 A flood occurred in August, when most residents were on holidays, in the area of the parking lot because of heavy rains. At that time, urgently and without asking I got in touch with a specialist company to be able to solve the situation. Now, it’s been two months, and we have received a very high Bill for such work. Before this, the majority of residents (who were out) refused to make the payment, saying that they were not asked and that service costs less than the quotation they have given. My concern is if I am responsible of this bill, could you please advice about the consequences of this situation? Thank you.

Freddie H.

Administrator:  Juan López

According to your explanation, do not worry, because it is evident that you are not the responsible of  the payment of such works or repairs. It is, as well, of some works of an urgent nature, and as such its execution could not wait to neighbors to return to decide on board. Therefore I cannot find in its action any infringement that makes him respond on that debt, the other way around. Therefore, you can be quiet, if the community decides not to pay this invoice by excessive, it is clear that the company who commissioned the works will lead its claim against the community, not against you, as much as say their neighbors, having to cover such expenditure among all the joint owners.

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