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Professional Advice

Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Reparto del gasto de ascensor

In my building, we have 2 houses on the 5th floor where they develop professional activities, which makes daily receive many visits from people outside the building and a continuous up and down the elevator. This is negatively impacting on the expenditure of the same, as the rest of neighbors are paying for months the increase attributable to their professional activities, and I think that these two floors should pay more than the rest, is it right to demand this plus?

Marisa G.

Administrator:  Juan López

If you are paying this expenditure in accordance with the quota of participation established in writing, sorry to tell you that there is no legal way to make another different cast in terms of the cost, which is the same, and that the proper way to distribute this cost is according to the ratio or share fixed in writing.

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