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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Segregación de local comercial

Good afternoon.  I am owner of a site where I carry out my business.  The site is too big and I am thinking on dividing i tinto two spaces for selling the new section.  This posibility is as authorized in the constituition deed.  Shall I have the authorization of the community?

Noe H.

Administrator:  Juan López

                Good afternoon.  Providing that the constitution deed contemplates that posibility, you do not need the authorization of the community.  If the case were different, the mayority required for that would be 3/5 parts of the owenrs which must represent 3/5 of the coeficcients.

What it needs to be done is the adjusting of the new community fees of the new sites (two instead of one) what shall be agreed by the 3/5 of theowners representing 3/5 of the quotes.

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