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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: vivienda mal inosorizada

Good morning,  I own an apartment since  2008 but I have not used it Buenos días. Soy propietario de una vivienda desde el año 2.008 pero hasta hace tres meses no he vivido because I have been letting it for rentals.   The property is not well isolated and you can hear any noise from the next door apartment.  I have complaint thousands of times but the developer and Town Hall are reluctant to show me the building books. Please, advice. 

Juan Diego M.

Administrator  Juan López

Good morning.  The main problem is the guarantees are expired.  After seven years you cannot claim to th edeveloper.  It would have been easier if these complaint had been reported before.

However, because the situation is important, you can hire the services of a profesional of isolation who could confirm if the building is fulfilling the laws specifications. With such report, our recomendation is to visit to a solicitor who can advice you about your legal rights

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