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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Vivo en un bajo y no uso el ascensor ¿Puedo solicitar que se me exonere del gasto?

Good morning. I live in a groundfloor apartment of a building with 10 floors, where each and every one of the others neighbours use the lift. However, I don’t use it at all and wonder if I can raise this issue on board so that i am exempted of the payment. In addition there is a shop on the side of the building which does not pay for the elevator, and I believe that I am in the same situation. Can you advise if I am right?

Bienve R. 

Administrator:  Juan López

I am afraid that the elevator is one common element of the building and as such you should contribute to maintenance in your coefficient of participation. The only possibility is taking it to a general meeting, where with unanimity it could be agreed an amendment of the statutes picking this exemption. The shop is not sharing the main door of the block and that is the difference

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