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Ask the Administrator: Community Wifi

Good afternoon. My community is discussing to have a wi-fi installed, but some neighbours are against it. I would like to know, what would be a necessary quorum that the community needs in order to approve it. Will the cost be shared by all the neighbours or only among those who agree? Thanks

Nereida G.

Administrator: Juan López

The Art. 17.2 of the Horizontal Property Law states that the installation of facilities for telecommunications, as ruled in the Real Law Decree 1/1998, of the 27th of February, can be approved by a third of the owners representing a third of the coefficient.


But, the owners who do not agree with the service cannot be obliged to pay for that and their community fee won´t be different than before. When that reluctant owner decides to take part in the project, then, he or she shall update with the total cost accordingly to his part and including the interest of delays.


So, the cost of the installation and maintenance will be afforded by the owners who voted yes, but never by those owners who voted against of didn´t vote.


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