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Pregunta al Administrador: Instalar aire acondicionado permisos

Do I have to get permission to the owners to install an air conditioning unit?

Borjn T.

Administrator:  Juan López

First of all, please take into account that the law establishes that the owner may not modify facilities or services where this involves altering the configuration or State outside of the apartment or premises or harm the rights of owners

If you want to install air conditioning in the facade of the building you have to know that that alters the appearance of the same and therefore, it cannot be carried out without the permission of the rest of the owners gathered on board. However, pelase consult the community statutes, since sometimes they establish rules relating to the installation of this type of appliance, banning them, well quoting the place to do so, usually the roof of the building

Yet keep in mind that if there are other appliances installed previously, and yours is similar, it would be a comparative tort for you prevent you from installing his without forcing to remove others and therefore would have to allow their installation

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