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Pregunta al Administrador: propietario de Trastero tiene mismas obligaciones?

Good morning. I am owner of a storage room of a building located in Alicante and the community wants to work on arrangement of the facade of the building, do I have any obligation to contribute to this expenditure?

Mª Francisca M.

Administrator:  Juan López

In this case, we arise article 9(1) of the Horizontal property law according to which all owners are required to contribute, in accordance with the quota of participation set in establishing title or particular provisions, the common expenses for the proper support of the property, services, charges and responsibilities that are not individualized. So under this article and by what is becoming more usual you are required to contribute to this cost. However, the possibility to be exonerated from this common expenses if this is expressly provided in the title articles or by-laws or if it is unanimously agreed by the community of owners

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