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Pregunta al Administrador: ¿Pueden reclamarme a mi las cuotas que debe mi inquilino?

I am owner of a flat that I rent, and since a few months ago the tenant does not pay the community fees. In the contract it was agreed that the tenant was who would pay this fee, however now the administrator  is claiming to me all the debt, do I have obligation to pay those fees?

Carmen G.

Administrator:  Juan López

Hi Carmen.  We had the same question in February.  According to the law of Horizontal property, is the owner of the property, the responsible of the payment , independently of what was privately agreed with your tenant.

But in this case before the non-payment of fees the administrator should be directed only against the owner.  Therefor, you are who has the responsibility towards the community, having to pay these fees, while at the same time, you can claim this amount legally to the tenant or even terminate the contract for this cause

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