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Pregunta al Administrador: Queremos poner ascensor

My building has no elevator, and we are interested in installing it. However, from 8 neighbors,  2 neighbors of the gorundfloors refuse to such installation,  which majority of votes is needed to make this decision?

Concepción F. [/idz_note]

Administrator:  Juan López

Until some years ago the installation of the elevator in buildings needed the vote of 3/5 parts of the total number of owners, who also represented the 3/5 parts of participation fees. But since the last modification of the Horizontal property law the adoption of the agreement for the installation of the lift only require the favourable vote of the majority of owners, which represents most of the participation fees, so in this case, you got sufficient majority to agree the installation of the lift, and the two neighbors in disagreement will be obliged to pay

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