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Pregunta al Administrador: LAS RAMAS INVADEN MI PROPIEDAD

Good morning. I have a neighbor who has a tree that invade my property, and sheets of scrap fall systematically in my pool, spoiling the water and endangering the skimmer, so we have to have the cover when we are not using it. I’ve talked with administrators of the community, and I say that before pruning has to ask permission from the City Council, which entails having to spend the rest of the summer waiting for permission. Is that correct?

 Gillian H.

Administrator:  Juan L.

Furthers to the query, I donot think that to make a pruning on your property shall ask the competent Council permit. To do this we have to add, that the Civil Code is on your part as regulates it in his article 592 to establish “If the branches of some trees is given over a property of thirds, gardens or neighboring courtyards, the owner of this invaded porperty has right to claim to be cut, and if the roots of neighboring trees which are extended on another floor the owner of the soil in which they are introduced will cut them by himself within his plot.” Therefore, you can not only demand that they have the trees pruned, but that even cutting branches that extend on your property.

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