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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Recibo de agua sin pagar por el anterior propietario

Good morning.  I bought an apartment in Murcia one month ago.  This month I received the water bill of the previous owner.  The amount is not too high but belongs to a timeline before the completion of the property.  I don´t think I must pay it.  I would like to know if you recommend paying the bill as I don´t want to have the supply cut off.

Olga C.

Administrator:  Juan López

Our advice is to pay the bill as you confirm that the amount is not high.  After then, you may try to get the refund from the previous owner (as you have not consumed that water).  The most important is to pay the bill as the water company is not interested in who used the property in that period.  They just read the meter and if the bill is not paid, they will simply cut the supply off.

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